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Doesn't work

After downloading it doesn't work.


It never worked. Just freezes as soon as you open the app. Avoid this app until they update. Here's hoping they offer a refund.

Locks up

This app locked up as soon as I opened it. After closing and opening several times, I was finally able to play it once, but it locked up again as soon as the game was over. Deleted within half an hour of downloading. What a disappointment!

I luv IT!!

Idk wht the other people think of this game but its Awsome!!:) and you r going to get mad with a waste of $1.00?but this game it awsome

Not boring!!!

Fun and cool!!!

I've never written a bad review! Why must I start here?!

This game is awfully boring with no real reason to play. It is not "stress relieving nor Is it any fun! If this game was free maybe I would give it 2 stars but this is an honest waste!!!!

Not worth it

Not as satisfying as I thought it would be

Really stupid


Terrible and boring

This was so bad because it was boring!!!:( no one should get it!!!!!:(


Don't know why I downloaded this. Saw the ad on Doodle Jump and thought it would be fun.


I really didn't find this app all that fun at all. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend and I definitely do not think this app worth 99 cents. Either spend you're money elsewhere, or find a different bubble popper app


Not as fun as I thought it would be also it's boring and a waste of my money :/

<3 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I <3 it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, EVEN MY DAD LIKES IT!!!!!!!!! :) 8) B) :V


Not fun, doodle jump was advertising it, thought it would b good, waste of money

Want my $ back

This is just lame. Not fun nor stylish. Im an idiot for buying but my kid saw the ad in doodlejump and we were on a long car trip. He's four and hated it. Now that's bad...

Bubble wrap

Terrible game, waste of time & $

I like it

It's satisfying for children under 10.

Stupid and Boring

Annoyed that I just paid for this. Deleted it within minutes of "playing" it.


This is awful hate it

#32 ranked

Beat that!!!!


i love it. u get differnt colors. amazinf


I like popping the bubble wrap but I'm not digging the new games...

Bad bad bad DONT Download

It's such a frictin rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!! So boring!!!!! NO stars deserved!!!!!!!!!! I gave 1 star because I have to to post this!!!!

Great for kids!

Great app to keep my 2 yr old quiet while I put my 9 month old for a nap. 'games' are still difficult for a 2 yr old. Apps like this are really nice;)

Bubble Wrap!

This app is really entertaining and it's fun to pop bubbles in different colors. It's actually also very relaxing and calms you when you're stressed out.

Had it, then deleted it.

This was okay at first but then it just got boring. All you do is pop bubbles. If it had a timer it would be better. I wouldn't waste my money on this, again.


I really have no problem with this app I was entertained by it. I think adding more options and features to it would make it even better but it is fine the way it is


Lima sky hit it off with they're awesome game, doodle jump. But now they just lost their reputation because of this game. ALL: I would not buy this. Have a great day! -Avery Johannasen


It's not a game. Thats the great thing about it. Want a game? Go buy one of the zillion others. Want to pop bubbles? This is it. Simple. Awesome.

Mixed feelings

This app needs some changes, it needs to be a GAME with a timer like some of the others said. This app is not worth a dollar without an update soon. I'm rating it 3 stars because I love lima sky and think they can do better.


needs timer


A₩€§0M€ GAM€. U §H0U£D TR¥ IT!!!

Get the free one

This isn't that bad but it isn't worth 99 cents when you can get the same thing for free


You can just play this and waste your time having fun. Nothing special, but worth the .99 cents

Make it a GAME

I'm only rating this five stars because it SERIOUSLY NEEDS AN UPDATE. otherwise I would rate it one star. You should consider making it an actual GAME, with a timer so you can see how many bubbles you can pop in 30 seconds (or 45 seconds, or a minute). Also, make some more colors, or even a "rainbow" theme, with different colors in one theme. Please consider a timer!!!! Then I will be happy :)

Having so bad stuff

I need so more fun stuff like patten bobble warp and milt-I-pop but it is best one for this MONTH!!!you better get so cool stuff or say bye-bye to one user!!! >:(

Could be way better. These guys are lazy.

big no-no

this was a waste of a dollar, it should be free and you can buy aps just like it for free, do no buy other then the fact that i wasted 99 cents on it, it is an okay app, just not worth the dollar


It isn't the best game

Just not that great.

Sounds aren't good. Not for retina display. Disappointing.

Bubble wrap

This game is cool

Who doesn't love bubble wrap?

Shake to refresh does not work, and I am nit that fond of the drag to view more of the sheet. Would be nice if there was an option to choose there. An arcade mode would be a nice addition as well. Pop as many as you can in 60 seconds or something. Fun app to kill time. Great developer. Check out doodle jump if you have not already.


Terrible if it was free I would give it 3 stars but it would still be terrible!


It is what it is. I can't believe I spent a dollar on it. I could have bought a Slim Jim with that buck.


It is a fine game.


Why waste a dollar for this lame thing when there are free bubble wrap apps! I'm trying to find out how to get a refund.... Help please!!!!

How Can You Guys Not Like This?

It'a addicting and a great way to spend your time on you iPod it iPhone. My little sister is truly addicted to this game and she steals my iPod touch all the time so she can play it. I thought it was going to be a timed game that counted how many bubbles you popped, but when I saw what it really was I was very pleased!


It is ok at first but after a few times I got really bored. If this was free then I would have given it 4 stars...maybe.



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